Friday, 29 August 2014

How to Set Up your Seller Profile in Amazon

 Your store settings on Amazon are where you provide information to buyers about your company. This is the place you can begin to develop a relationship with Amazon buyers and gain their trust.  Lets discuss four areas that every Amazon Seller should update in the store settings:

#1 About the Seller

Your About the Seller section is what you can use to describe how long you have been in business, how your business started, your company philosophy, whether or not you have a Brick and Mortar store and if you have any employees.

#2 Seller Logo

Your Seller Logo will be on your “At a Glance” page, on your storefront, (if applicable), and on the “Offer Listing Page.” This logo will make it easier to identify you as the merchant to customers when they have a choice of who to purchase from. Amazon does not allow the use of a URL (.com, .net, etc.) contained within the image. Your logo needs to be 120 x 30 pixels in size and may not contain any reference to your website if you have one.

#3 Returns and Refunds

The Returns and Refunds section is for you to enter the instructions for how customers should send you an item for return. Here you will include the address for merchandise returns and the estimated time to process a refund. If you charge any kind of a restocking fee, it is important to enter that information here and be extremely clear about the way it is calculated. If you only reimburse shipping costs on the items where there is damage or they are defective, please include that information also. The Participation Agreement and Amazon policy requires a minimum 30-day return period.

#4 Shipping Rates

The Shipping Rates section has one part for you to enter the information about when you ship your items and what carriers you use. Please make sure this matches the information you set up in Seller Central earlier. The second part of Shipping Rates is automatically populated based on your shipping settings.

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